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About physical intelligence 

(react, solve, create, connect, translate)


The ability to react and to interact with your surroundings, circumstances and inner/outer impulses.

The quality to solve different and unpredictable challenges by perceiving your body’s language and adapt through failure.

The potential to create and express unique and intuitive movements and sustain new ways of motion. 

The distinct access to the endless spectrum of physical possibilities.

The pen to translate your consciousness into a physical poem, written down on the canvas of Life.


What is physical intelligence to you? 

- Vince



What are my relationships teaching me?


Accept the truth of your present situation.

You are being invited to release yourself from the bondage of preconceived action 


Forgive yourself. Forgive others.


- Love, Sophie


Knowledge & Self Experience through physical practice

To understand that gaining knowledge through experience can be a deeper and closer way to your personal insights, will be the next step in the collective evolution of education.
Take yourself away from cognitive repetition, flood of informations and concepts that are continuously holding your energy in your head. Find new ways to learn and develop in a playful and successful way, by being connected through the body, not separated by the mind.

- Vince

Witness the projection

Are you able to allow yourself to see through your projections?⁣

Can you accept you are protecting yourself in many ways?⁣

Being unwilling to feel means you can’t hold yourself right now in your truth. ⁣

You are moving out. ⁣

Fully be yourself, without rejecting. ⁣

O b s e r v a t i o n.⁣

What is showing up?⁣

At the end there is no problem, only emotions you don’t want to feel right now.⁣

Follow your BEING.⁣

Your frequent state of being. ⁣

That relationship you have with yourself is a GIFT and you are able to renew it every moment again. ⁣


- Sophie


Failure & Hope

Two elements of our practice we should really care about to sustain a mindful and enjoyable journey.

How to fail successfully?  

How to let go of concepts like chronological goals? 

How to transform „achieving“ into fulfilling your purpose by now, not tomorrow? 


I think that we should always sustain hope for the “perceiving momentum” to reveal itself.

That is absolutely fundamental.


Find your own synchronicity, your deep inner joy while practice whatever.

Enjoy this breeze of fulfillment. 

The strongest hope is rooted inside the present moment not in the future of visions. 

The strongest hope happens right now.

The strongest hope is to arrive at your core, your purest state of being, dripping wet inside your practice. 

The strongest hope is that you can prove yourself the ability to transform whatever there comes into the blooming flowers of our gifts. 

Find yours & keep up the light work. 

See you in practice.


- Vince



Your are the fertile soil, human!


Just as a seed you contain everything - a hologram of life. 

Be aware that your process of growing is following a natural order. 


What is your intention in life?

What do you want to create?


Align with your intention to express the truth. 

H o n e s t y. 

When you do this, your true desire becomes the focus for exploration. 


Planting a new seed especially in your old believe patterns - in your recycled thought system -is revolutionary!

Creating a boost in your whole system.


Be willing to break and open the containment of past patterns, FEEL and ENCOURAGE yourself to express it.


Your are the fertile soil, human!

- Sophie

Thoughts of a movement day


Life is about constantly letting go & purify yourself over and over again to sustain a refreshed and clear mind.

Every day is a small but relevant new beginning, which can, in a specific state of living, provide you the power and possibility to choose actions and practices which build up your fundament of development and personal evolution.


In a world where 'development' is such a big word in many contexts, it is often mixed up with the conditioning of success, which is directly leaded to a material pol of association. 

Therefore it should be most importantly about FEELING BETTER in your personal and collective life during the moments you are going through.

It's the try to cultivate a higher 'or should i say more noticeable' quality of being itself.

In this case linked to ENJOYING LIFE more fully, EXPRESS YOURSELF more deeply and connected and SUPPORT OTHERS on their personal journey.


By increasing this activity and sensations with your point of attention - it will directly manifesting you these 'higher qualities' into your life. 


This kind of renewing yourself, through whatever kind of practice it is, is what i would call the basement, the daily life foundation, which allows you to let go of old habits and to find and build a new way of living and a new way of being, through a transformational setting.


Set your settings, set your intentions, set your vision today. Now. 

And embody your personal evolution, by overcoming fear, doubt and challenges over and over again.

- Vince


Du bist das Zusammenspiel aus allen Faktoren


Die Welt braucht dich. ⁣

In dir steckt ein riesiger Schatz an Gaben und Potentialen. ⁣Ich bin hier, um mit dir zu schauen, wo du gerade stehst und was dich bewegt.⁣Mich interessiert, wer du 𝘞𝘐𝘙𝘒𝘓𝘐𝘊𝘏 bist. ⁣Dein ICH BIN.⁣


Welchen Loop durchlebst du immer wieder?

Was bist du bereit loszulassen?

Was brauchst du um dich voll und ganz auf dich selbst einzulassen?


Dein Licht und deine Dunkelheit sind eins und dürfen daran erinnert werden, das die Dualität dein Katalysator ist.

Ich ermutige dich deinen Schmerz und deine Dunkelheit zu zelebrieren. 

Du darfst mutig sein. 

Auf diesem Weg lernst du dein Ego nochmal ganz anders kennen, weil es besondere  Widerstände kreiert. Große, kurvige, ekstatische, rebellierende….

Und genau dieses Vakuum darfst du für dich entdecken. 


Dieses Gefühl dazwischen zu sein- 

Denn da, wo die Angst ist bist du dir mit am Nächsten. 


Lass deine Bedürfnisse tanzen. 

Auf dem Weg zu deiner Freiheit in Kommunikation.


Fühl in dich hinein, sieh mit deinem Herzen, entdecke den wahren Schatz des Mensch Seins, die Weisheit und vor allem die Tiefe. 

Die Verbundenheit.



Also, wovon träumst du ?



- Sophie

Believe Systems, Habits & Health 


Have you ever heard of the sentence “within your mid 30’s your bodys energy/capacity/growth begins to stop expanding or even decreases”?


For me a sentence which is shaped and manifested by collective education and believe systems and which can also be (like a lot of believes) dangerous if you let it gain too much control over your consciousness.  


A sentence that I simply do not believe in. 

And as i’m opening my mind to the power of the mind - body manifestation, I strongly believe in the strength of conscious intention, visualisation & acting. 


So for me there are a lot of powerful resources, tools and practices, we can use to expand and strengthen our life quality, our awareness and perception and therefore the rise of frequency inside our self manifested reality, which can lead to more health and wellbeing in general and also longer life’s. 


Here are my top 10 habits:

  • Drinking enough, clean, and unprocessed water (Water Quality)
  • Conscious Breathing (Air Quality)
  • Sun Bathes (Daily Sunlight)
  • Basic Stretching & Strengthening (Movement)
  • Intermittent fasting (Nutrition) 
  • Spend time in natural habitats (Earth connection) 
  • Non Speaking & stillness of surroundings  (Silence)
  • Cold Exposure & Sauna (Temperature resistances)
  • Loving Human Connection (Community)
  • Conscious cleansing (Letting  go)

    - Vince



Ich fühle mich im Süden zu Hause.

Als Kind war ich oft in Griechenland, Kreta, Korfu und in der Toskana.

Ich liebe die Herzlichkeit, die Wärme, den Ausdruck der Gefühle die Offenheit & die Emotionalität.

Das trage ich in meinem Herzen und findet in meinem Austausch mit Menschen, in meiner Arbeit und meiner Kunst Ausdruck.



Wo findest du Ausdruck?
Erschaffst du dir bewusst Räume? 



Sie sind eng miteinander verknüpft und dürfen bewusst von dir genutzt werden.


Wenn du deinen Kraftort gefunden hast, vor allem IN DIR, kannst du aus diesem Raum heraus, ehrlich und klar Ausdruck finden.

Emotionen, Austausch, Bedürfnisse.

Die Chance zu visualisieren hilft uns kraftvoll klare Ziele zu erreichen.


Mein Kraftort liegt im Süden, am Meer. Warm, rhythmisch, leidenschaftlich, zum Austausch bereit und emotional. In mir. 


Wie sieht dein Kraftort aus?

Visualisiere und verbinde dich.

Dein Innen ist dein Außen.

Lass dich ein.


Tausch dich aus,


- Sophie


Attention, Awareness & Perception


Where are you paying your attention to? 


A lot of things can be understood by answering this question deeply and fully. 

Our attention is by far the most important thing we should aim for to really own and control. 

It shapes our whole life and our being, it’s a pivotal part of our consciousness & it can change everything that represents us. 


Ask yourself. 

Where did you pay your attention to this month, this week, this day, this moment? 

Does it feeds your visions, your dreams, your inner evolution? 

Does it support others and the way you want to life?


Attention is the first step, before climbing the mountain. 

We have to think of and visualise about it, in the process of creation.

We have to strive for, and to look at in the process of achievement. 

We have to spent moments of our lifetime, filled with attention, for every walk we want to pursue. 


We pay a price with our attention, the price of time. 

You only have a limit amount of time, a limited amount of attention. 


Ask yourself.

Where do you want to pay your attention to? 

- Vince




Für dich.

Du gewinnst.

Wo verschließt du dich?

Wo unterdrückst du deine Stimme?


Kennst du die Momente, wenn die Angst sich Raum nimmt und du dich nicht bewegen kannst?

Was tust du um mit deiner Angst zu arbeiten?

Kannst du sie annehmen?

Wie erlebst du dich?


Hast du schon einmal versucht deine Stimme in diesen Momenten zu nutzen?


Die Angst ist Erregung minus Sauerstoff gepaart mit deiner Geschichte, Trauma, Erinnerung spinnt sie sich ein Bild.

Das ist okay.

Es ist ein Teil von uns, der wichtig ist.



Versuch dich zu verbinden.

Dich zu öffnen.

Deine Stimme raus zu holen- gib dir Raum.


Atme ein, atme aus.

Durch die Nase ein, durch den Mund aus.


Dann machst du ein „M“, das sich zu „MA“ formt. Du beginnst leise und wirst lauter.

Probier die Zeit zu geben,es ist wichtig, dass du DICH erlebst, durch DEINE Stimme.


Das M schwingt gibt dir Resonanz (genießt), das A formt deine Freisetzung der Energie.


Wenn du Angst hast, bist du ganz nah bei dir, nimm es an.

Du gewinnst.

Du wächst.





Uncomfortable places 


Integrating challenging & uncomfortable situations as a tool for personal growth.

I think a good balance between comfort & discomfort is an important aspect of the human experience.


To think and learn about what it actually means to experience us as human beings is a highly important philosophical and spiritual subject

which need to be way more integrated in our educational systems.

One educational fundament in our society should be mental & spiritual education. 

The education of experience.


What does it mean to be human for you? 

How does comfort changes your perception?

What situations in life shifted your being the most? 


Some questions to think about and learn from. 

- Vince

Unknown retreats for yourself


How you can expand your needs?


What do we believe-

that we have to wear off our personal wishes and gifts to evolve?

What kind of illusion is supporting you to dismiss your deepest truth?


Your vision?


Did you recognize that your whole body is fully flooded with lively energy while you bond to a vision?


Nothing more valuable than a non recycled thought of vision.

Keep up what’s your deepest wish - finally, integrate it.


Step powerfully in your commitments!


So good to know, that you are a transformer, a global visionary.


Ask yourself how you might experience, see yourself, FEEL it.

Allow your spirit to expand. 


Your vision is your compliment, something that comes naturally to you. 

The mystery blooms within you through the power of intention. 


A rising sun in different lights. 


You ARE doing a good job, right now. 


- Sophie

Daily Practice & Continuity 


20 Minutes can make your day.


When we talk about ‘the daily practice’, i often hear people saying things like: I don’t have enough time to start, enough energy after work, enough space at home or enough motivation or skill to keep pace.


So, I think there is a lot of misunderstanding going on here.

For me, you don’t need to start acting as an Olympic athlete and train hours after hours to feel, look or move better. 

It’s going down to the very very basics in any kind of practice, when it comes to the daily routines.

I fully believe, that a main part of the population would just need around 20 minutes daily to make a immense change in their overall health and wellbeing. 

As well as their perception on their daily life quality.


I would agree to this approach in any kind of human passions.

Take your 20 minutes a day for what ever kind of stuff you love to do.



Take the walk, paint the painting, write the poem, build the building, learn the song, play with the kids, sit still, put your hands in the soil, free your mind.

These decisions will make your day and can change your life.

In the end, it will not feel like ‘you must do this or that’ but it becomes a natural impulse to act, create, perceive and live in a new way. 

The art to live is shaped by the present moments. 

- Vince

Die Kraft der Kommunikation, ein fließendes element das sich immer wieder erneuert.


‚Heute öffne ich die Tür der Kommunikation‘


Du bist in deiner Schlüsselposition, als ÜbermittlerIn zwischen den schwankenden Polen. Du darfst dich in Kontakt bringen.

Die Emotionen begleiten dich sicher zum nächsten Schritt. 


Ehrliche Kommunikation. 

Auch hier gilt : ATME!. 


Erst die Bewegung durch die Atmung macht unsere Sprache möglich. Dein wichtigster Nährstoff als ewige Brücke. 

Über den Rhythmus der Atmung gelangst du organisch in erweiterte Bewußtseinsebenen. Du schaffst mehr Raum, mehr FREI- Raum um dich auszudrücken.


Wenn du es zulässt.

‚Du prägst den Eingang des Geistes durch jede frei gelegte Emotion‘


Ein offenes DU.

Ein authentisches Selbst ohne Erwartung wächst

- stetig. 


Wie offen gehst du heute mit dir um?

Welche Tür in dir wartet darauf geöffnet zu werden?

Was möchte JETZT kommuniziert werden?


- Sophie



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